Thursday, 22 August 2013

My kind of shopping...

 This is the beach shack shop just by our little house.  It has the most beautiful home and gift items and rumour has it it turns over 1 million euro a week in high season.
The owner has a very restrained eye and each piece is chosen because it is exactly the right fit with the vibe of the place (if only I had this discipline with my wardrobe).  She spends the year handpicking the best of everything, so despite the boho feel the prices are quite steep.

 The bikinis just seen above are mainly by Italian brands and are priced around 200 euro, scarves range from 70 to 150 euro each
 The paintings are from a local artist called Abrial, they are all stunning and epitomise the style of St Tropez, food, nature, sea.
 The cork boards that I wrote about here

 Another Abrial original and above a pile of cookery books.

You can also find some beautiful bags from a French brand called Les Habit Neufs, they are exquisitely made from vintage fabrics, unfortunately they cost 300 euro and up, but there is nothing like them around.  These are most definitely NOT, mass produced in China, made to look old, designs, each one is unique and when you pick it up, you can feel the age of them.  They are quite hard to track down though, they don't seem to be available on line and even their website is currently out of action.  Here are some of the designs...


  1. I got completely stuck on the fact that the beach shack turns over a million euro a week during high season. Words fail me...

  2. I think it is one of the benefits of being located by the gang plank where all the boat owners/renters have to walk to get into the restaurant for lunch. They dance in for their meal, but seem to want to do anything to delay going back to the boat!


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