Friday, 9 August 2013


 Roses have been an obsession this Summer. I have found a fascinating friend who is a 5th generation rose grower. The area around the cottage has been prime rose growing territory from when they were first grown as fashionable decoration for large country houses, many have disappeared and my new found friend has been rediscovering the old varieties and back breeding to try to refind them.
I did some research at a garden centre which used to be one of the biggest roses growers in the country. Sadly it is now as pedestrian as any other Notcutts. Not long ago it used to be acre upon acre of roses and you would travel in a tractor to find your chosen rose.  It is a shame that as everything becomes the same it gets worse.
The pink rose in my garden was one of the old variety and it is looking pretty good for an old timer!

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