Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spring Summer purchases part 1...

Fashionmumof40 has definitely started a bit of a trend with her purchase analysis, I read her post and thought quite smugly, 'Well I have bought nothing this Summer, may be I will treat myself for the new season'.  And then I checked out my Ebay purchases (see how they conveniently archive anything older than 60 days so you totally lose track of what you have been spending). And I was really shocked at how much I have bought, and how much of it is fantasy outfits that I will probably never wear, and how much I have spent.
I am going to do a ruthless analysis and hope that my husband doesn't read this!

I remember that in Feb/March we had more snow, so there are a few things in there like moon boots etc, they don't count.  But loads of the other 'Winter' items I bought this year, were because the weather was so awful at the beginning of the Summer, I was still lighting fires in June.

So here is everything from March to August...

Maria Grachvogel brown lace trousers £2.24
These are from her main line, they are cut in the style of her magic pants and would have cost over £400, I bought them because no one else did, but I have to confess in the move they seem to have been packed away somewhere and I haven't found them yet, they will definitely get an outing when I do!

Velvet Zara Blazer £9.30
I am not sure why I bought this, I must have been going through a beige phase, I have about four pairs of the beige trousers as they were buy one get one free in the bind end of the Zara sale, so I may have bought the jacket to try to get more wear from them.

Pink silk Kameez £6.60
I am quite pleased with this, I will probably never wear the top, but I love the fit of the trousers and have worn a couple of times to those nights out where you need to look like you have made an effort, but not too much (there are quite a few of those in the Oxford social calendar!)

ZARA boucle jacket £31
Loved this when I bought it, but it is really, really tight on my rugby players shoulders and in truth, pretty uncomfortable, I think I had been influenced by fashion blogs who do that jacket and jeans look so well, but my build is very different to them so should learn from this...

French blue Coast skirt £3.70
This is another victim of the move, I loved the colour of this, and both the colour and style reminded me of Stella McCartney's first collection for Chloe (knee length not long). I am going to wear with a black lace cap sleeved top, I must search this out...

Olive green espadrilles £7.50, bought these for holiday but didn't wear them, they are comfortable so I will be fine for another year.

Office brown ballet pumps £9, love these have worn them loads.

Chloe jeans £10 long and bootcut, great with wedges wore loads

Emma Hope shoes £29, gold, python trainers, love these, but put them away for 'best' and have forgotten about them


Pink Next top £3.50, terrible, straight to the charity shop

4 x cardigans about £4 each, this looked like it was going to be the season when Summer Knitwear would become the staple, thank goodness for our August sun!...

Nude wedges from New Look £5, really comfortable and great with practically any outfit

Short flippy broderie anglaise skirt to go over bikini, £7.99, although I am just considering additional wear as tennis skirt

Cobolt blue strapless maxi dress £5, this was going to be a holiday dress, but the boob bit at the top just wasn't made properly so my fried eggs were both squashed and lowered, not a good look, gave to a younger, firmer friend.

 Pink Alan Hannah wedding dress £50, this is the most incredible silk creation with massive skirt and fantastic bodice, it is so beautiful it will be worn.


Olsen brown silk vest top and skirt with shell detail £4.10, this has been on and off my Ebay pile, the skirt is a length I never wear, but might do one day!

Vintage lace dress £11, needs to be cut short, will be a success when I find a good seamsmistress.

DVF white lace dress £10, Mango white lace tunic £11, both amazing, not sure where they are, will wear these

Missoni Bikini £20 loved this (despite it being size 44 which is 14-16!) wore it most days on holiday, great shape and lovely colours.

2 x Brown leather wedges £5.50 each, these are the only shoes I wear on holiday so got a few pairs

Karen Millen chainmail dress £15.75, loved the colours on this cover and thought may be I could recreate  using KM rather than D e G, didn't work...

Principles dress £8, the weather warmed up and I had some work in an office, this dress was perfect...

ASOS drop waist cornflower blue dress £8, disaster, gave to friend.

Principles black cross over back dress £7.50, I'll admit it looks disgusting here, but I have plans for it...

The brown silk Principles number was such a success, I bought another one (£8)to wear with wide brown belt...

The force of my inner drag queen is strong so I bought this for £5...I've yet to work out why or how to wear it..
River Island dress £6.80
Have worn this a lot...

Gold sequin dress £6, no justification for this, except that it was cheap and the skirt vaguely reminds me of a Chanel haute couture number that I once saw...

Coast silk dress £7, this reminded me of a beautiful dress that I had years ago, it is not good on my body shape, I looked like a power lifter in a dress..

Total so far £340... more to come, I am just a little shocked at my profligacy...


  1. Ha... and you have a part 2 coming.... You have bought load ...... some great bargains however. I love the white river island dress..... Admired it on your holiday post, great little holiday dress. I forget what I spend on eBay....isn't just an eye opener making a list....thank you for the mention xx

  2. I'll definitely do this again, just to keep track!!

  3. Yes you bought loads, but got a lot for your money! I never find a bargain on ebay so you did really well. You have lots of bits I love and that Bikini was a steal, I used to buy them full price before the middle aged spread took hold! lol x

  4. Nearly £200 quid for a bikini would cause me physical pain!! I worked it out at £100 a month, which in truth isn't bad, although with the sum I suppose I could have bought just a couple of really special things.


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