Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The ultimate closet progress report....

The carpenter has gone to Las Vegas for his holidays ( I'm wondering if I pay too well). So the closet is only on one wall, and rails only fitted on one side, already the mountains of clothes are looking a little more manageable and I wonder why I didn't get on top of this before.
The room has some way to go before it is 'finished', but the weather is great, so it's no problem getting changed in a garage.  It is reaping rewards already, today I actually found tennis kit, one of those things that is always packed away at the bottom of a storage box and impossible to find at short notice. I know hair is a little brassy after so much sun, my grey hair reverts back to my six year old self where it goes white blonde in the blink of an eye.


  1. Wow, how good do you look in your tennis gear??? Still laughing at the fact that your carpenter has gone to Las Vegas, LOL!

  2. Thanks you are making me blush, the skirt is a tad on the small side and I have to wear done up on only one of the buttons, so anything too strenuous and my pants are clearly on show, so wore bikini bottoms to be safe!


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