Monday, 23 September 2013

Party attire...

London party dressing is really very straight forward, pretty much formulaic; one 'designer' piece of clothing, something from Zara, and either an expensive bag or expensive shoes, both at the same time might be a little flashy, but depends on the event.

Oxford is very different, a couple of weeks ago I was invited by a workout buddy to a birthday 'get together', no RSVP necessary, just come if you can make it.  And goodness what a get together it was, 3 bars, one room with DJ, one room with live band, a buffet marquee and breakfast served at 3am for the last of the revellers.  I had played it safe in a LBD, but most of the other outfits were spectacular, full length gowns, 1000 vault glamour, randomly someone had even come as Cleopatra.  I felt boring, but more importantly, I felt that I hadn't shown enough respect to the time, thought, effort and cost that had gone into the evening.

Saturday night was a similar casual do, but this time rather than just throw on something at the last minute, I thought I would try out some options.  I showed these photos to my husband and he chose the outfit that he thought would best suit the occasion. Standing in front of someone while they pick to pieces what you are wearing, isn't the best start to a night out. Him flicking through pics on my phone and offering a final verdict is far more amicable. 

I started with this TOPSHOP top which had something a little MiuMiu about it.  But I'm not sure about the grey skinnies, they should be consigned to daywear only...

I tried this Monsoon top which was a bit longer and fuller.

And topped it off with a Warehouse shrug, it was meant to by size 8, but it is teenie tiny and just gets lost in my enormous shoulders...

I switched the grey skinnies for ZARA coated leggings and Donna Karan shoes...
 And then replaced the billowy Monsoon top with an ultra long vest from Warehouse...
 I tried to break up the black by finding a way to close the shrug...
 It really didn't work, I succeeded in accentuating my thick waist and giant shoulders...
 Finally I just safety pinned the bottom of the shrug and phew, finished at last...

 The bag was reduced to £249 at Bicester when there was a supersale of all the 'skin' finishes, I bought it and kept it in the carrier bag with its receipt (in case guilt got the better of me), this was it's first outing, along with the Donna Karan shoes.  They were promptly discarded so that I could play horsey all night to a six, four and two year old.  We ended up boogying to One Direction while I spun them around like whirling dervishes. The kind of laughter emanating from spinning children, way past their bedtime is about the most contagious there is, I haven't had such a good night out in years!

What's your party fail safe when you are not sure what to expect or who will be there?


  1. I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look fab and I would love to just half of what you have in terms of clothes - WOW

    1. I'm just old and have never thrown anything away, I bought them in about 1998, and could never wear them, but my bunions have grown into them perfectly!

  2. No, Ave 57, I want those shoes!
    You look amazing, you are so tall and leggy and I am so jealous.
    Spot on about London 'going out' style, being from the provinces when I moved there I was tarted up to the nines and was told by several dates that my dress style was " terribly parochial" Crushed! I felt like loser number one.

    1. Tee hee, when I was in the lift at Vogue House, one of my fellow riders just looked me up and down and said 'Brave', nothing else, at the time I said 'Thanks', but looking back I am not so sure it was a compliment!

  3. Im so glad I live far far away from London. Couldn't be doing with all that myself.....too much like hard work trying to figure it all out :)

  4. You look sensational. I don't know why you give yourself such a hard time about 'broad shoulders' and 'thick waist'? All I ever see is a stunning looking lady with a figure to die for! And Fiona .. back off! Those shoes are mine!


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