Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring summer purchases part 2

July continued...

Fabulous vintage Hermes ostrich bag, coming from the States and still not here, can't wait £220

Alessandro del'Aqua silk top £4.70, bought for holiday, it is tiny, but I think I can wear unzipped without anyone realising.

Sunday St Tropez skirt and top £10 each, this is a lovely linen brand found in St Tropez and St Barts, the linen is incredible quality and usually outfits would cost a few hundred euros.  Once you feel this stuff there is no going back, although to be fair, they don't really offer designs to keep you warm on a chilly day.

Beautiful brown silk top and skirt, from Coast, £6 for both, haven't worn yet, but will wear skirt into the office.

HM dress £4.50, looks a bit dull here, but is quite nice accessorised with reddish brown wide leather belt and heels, wore to the cinema on a hot day.

3 x white shirt £4 each, to wear with jeans as the weather starts to cool.
Temperley top (£16), I saw this years ago at Bicester and didn't buy it, hopefully it will be as nice as I remember.

 Rust jump suit from River Island, £9, hopefully will work with Hermes bag.

Rene Caovilla shoes to match the Hermes bag £16.

Total £297

Grand total (£340 part 1)  just under £600!

And yet I genuinely believed that I hadn't bought anything, although in my defense, it seems like a lot of stuff, I only actually spent £100 a month, which I don't think is too bad, but I have no measure of what is 'normal' and what is not.  I have friends who haven't bought anything new since about 1995 and others for whom their monthly Harvey Nicks account can run into thousands.  Where do you sit? Can anyone tell me what normal actually is?


  1. No idea what normal is although I always feel I don't buy enough to blog about fashion but I did when I started out, times have changed along with my financial position. I'm a lot more High St and the designer stuff tends to be at sale time only. I'd be chasing that bag honey, how divine but I'd be petrified to buy anything oversea's from ebay x

  2. Famous last words, but apparently you are always covered if you pay with paypal. If the item doesn't get to you, they refund you automatically, you don't have to prove it didn't arrive. It has only happened to me twice, but so far it has been OK!

  3. I don't buy a lot but like you I love love love to buy off ebay. I love a bargin and I love quality so it makes sense to use ebay. I buy at the end of one season and the beginning of another. So when the spring season was starting I brought lots of winter items as they were dirt cheap so have now got them all out and washed and conditioned them. Am so excited....bring on the cold.

  4. Oh wow, can't wait to see that bag when it arrives. Stunning! I haven't a clue what normal is either ... I've been spectacularly well behaved this year, but that's circumstance rather than choice unfortunately!


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