Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tapas for one and one for all...

Fiona from Av57 did a great post about tan boots that reminded me of a Clarks pair I had languishing in my wardrobe.  We were going out for Tapas with friends and the boots could do the trick.  But as usual I went a step too far with the fancy dress, ending up looking like I might be starring in an Am Dram of The Three Muskateers.  This top is YSL which makes putting it on the Ebay pile even more annoying, I have no idea what possessed me to make the purchase, it is wrong in so many ways.
Switched it for a little lace number from Monsoon and an inherited TopMan jacket from teenager who is growing like a weed!

Any one keen on Tapas will love Cambio de Tercio, it couldn't be more authentic, we went for the Tendido Cero, which is the cheap and cheerful one, Nadal is a regular and it is always full so you need to book.  Beware confusion when meeting people as all of the restaurants, although different, are within a few doors of each other.
Tapas is perfect for Thermic eating, (ie foods that require a large proportion of their own calorie energy to be digested and expelled). So it is virtuous as well as delicious, although perhaps the four bottles of Rioja were less saintly!


  1. Oooh so pleased you got the boots out - they are amazing!!!
    The red top is .. different!
    Perfectly styled with the lace top

    I am hungry now - I LOVE tapas


  2. I love tapas. i too have gone down the three muskateers look, it's always afterwards that you realise and mine was with a McQueen top - also packed off to ebay!

  3. It's so easy to slip into the overall look! It just shows labels aren't everything!


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