Monday, 7 October 2013

Young at Heart show review...

I posted about this show here, and this weekend I have spent the last 48 hours lugging boxes, talking to visitors, taking names and and email addresses and selling cutlery sets and then lugging boxes, driving for hours and then unloading it all again at home.  It is like a full work out combined with relentless talking.
It was a nice show, with lovely people.  Everyone had come for a free day out and very few tickets were sold, but the show organisers did their best to fill the hall with visitors, which is more than a lot of event organisers bother doing!
Many of the stands around me had a disastrous time for business, so if you are thinking of exhibiting at this show, be warned, your prices need to be very, very low to actually sell anything. 
If any one visits or exhibits at these kind of shows, I would love to hear about your experiences.  I am quite keen to try some of the local, smaller events so let me know if you have ever been to one that you think might be worth a visit!
 Apparently these machines can burn 150 cals in 10 minutes by just standing on them 'Flabelos'!
 The fashion shows were great, with some super glamorous evening wear.


I would love to hear from you and quite happy for some lively debate so feel free to say what you think! ....