Sunday, 2 February 2014

Getting Glossy

Looking at the new season's collections I realise that I am woefully old-fashioned.  I wrote about my 'style rut' here.  And truthfully my affection for that era/look has always outweighed any need to be 'current'.

But with my new role I am examining the fashions on a daily basis and it makes me realise how 'behind' I am in terms of taste and my own buys.
That laid back, slightly old, worn in, raggedy style, natural colours, think Jack Wills, White company, Temperley. Isabel Marant doesn't quite cut it with these new technical fabrics in blinding  brights with edges so sharp you can cut yourself.

It's quite an interesting time in fashion, as almost for the first time in years, I can't just make do with my own wardrobe and update with a few key items.  I have to almost start again.  And I can't recall a time since perhaps the bling and shoulderpads of the 80s changed for the grunge of the 90s when the same could be said.

I have christened this look 'Super-Glossy'.  It is not so much about a particular brand, although Michael Kors is probably the king, it is more about a super reality, a newness that is newer than new, everything needs to looks as if it has just come off the rail, and the smallest flaw assigns an item to the 'scrap heap'.

It's not an age thing, any one can achieve the look, they just need to put in the time and grooming.
We bumped into friends (in their 40s) yesterday.  Even my husband could see the difference between the couples.

The other male; gym buff, teeth whitened but not too much, hair shiny and gelled into place, relaxed clothes Prada tracksuit bottom and fitted technical top from Nike.  Her; full make up, lots of shine and lipgloss, statment watch, tan, perfect hair, patent Phillip Lim 3.1 bag, perfect white jeans, pale pink Acne top.  My husband (had been buying building supplies) but... old jeans, fleece, hair that could do with a wash, stubble.  Me black gym kit, anorak with mud down the front (from holding dogs), hair in a bulldog clip, toothpaste on spots.

We discussed the idea of 'getting glossy' and how it is uniquely English (possibly) class thing to reject it.  As my mum always says 'Only trailer trash and the Upper classes live with all of their family around them in houses that smell of dogs'

My glossy check list is as simple as;

1. Wash hair daily.
2. Do roots every 4 weeks.
3. Shave under arms 3 times a week. (or do IPL that I have been thinking about for years)
4. Depilate legs once a week.
5. Fake tan once a week.
6. Try teeth whitening... (anyone ever done this, my teeth are quite thin, I am worried about losing more enamel?)
7. Get gunk from under nails daily.
8. Manicure once a week.
7. Stop trying to conserve water by washing clothes only when they start to smell 'worn'.
8. Throw away all clothes with moth holes and anything with stains, just because I don't notice that kind of thing on other people, any one who 'does glossy' WILL see the water marks on my silk trousers and similar.
7. Take all my bags with holes, scratches and stains to the charity shop.
8. If I don't love a pair of shoes enough to get them reheeled, take them to the charity shop.
9. Pay more attention to my skin, squeezing spots and applying toothpaste does not a facial make.

Stina Auer certainly does glossy really well, it permeates into everything she does, including raising her toddler and baby, which just shows how lazy I am.  Two kids under three, would be enough to make me give up for good!

My queen of glossy is Tabitha from Bourbon and Pearls, her brand of glossy perfection isn't the mass-produced, shop-bought variety, rather she successfully introduces classic and vintage elements, but never looks old and worn (neither her nor her beautiful home).

The problem with this glossy look, is that it is pretty tough for the high street to copy, as it relies on the most incredible fabrics and cuts.

This season, I am going to do something that I haven't done for years....spend quite a chunky amount on new season fashion.  I'm hoping if I pick well, they will be classics to get through the next decade.
Mainly because I don't think this is a short term trend that will be gone in a few seasons, I think that this is the future of fashion and we'll fall into either the 'still trying and getting the glossy thing' and the 'totally given up' ...the latter is me currently.

 Carven orange outfit, I love the skirt but wold look like I had been tango-d in the who look..
 Otswold Helgerson skirt and dress below...LOVE LOVE LOVE... could be future classics, but not cheap...
 Marc Jacobs leather skirt, it's quite cute, but not 'glossy' enough...
 Phillip Lim skirt, could be good length, but need to try pattern on my body shape...
 Definitely want to seek out this electric blue, but not with the irregular hem

Glossy bags... it can only be Phillip Lim...

What do you think about how trends are going? Do you identify this look? Are you a lover of the old and worn or are you embracing the new and shiny? Any other glossy bags I should look at, it needs to be structured, not slouchy?


  1. Yeah but I am only glossy once a week or if I am going somewhere special, or if I'm on a London trip, ( this week I was glossy twice, at first for about a year!) the rest of the time, it's no make up, my parka and yoga pants, I go days with greasy hair sometimes, I'm not that focused on my self - what you see on the blog is my outer carapace, the minute I'm home again I'm back in old sweats. I'm a bit of a dichotomy.
    Stina however looks like that every day, I just can't be bothered, I think it would be marvellous to be like that but I think I just don't get enough pleasure from it.

  2. Oh I can't wait to see what you pick out, I'd like a few spring summer dresses but ones that I can wear day to night.

    1. You always looks lovely, and so well chosen....I quite like the pairing with sweat shirts and flats with these skirts to do the day to night thing. I need to buy some spanking white daps and NOT wear them to the gym/walking the dogs and start ironing my 'leisure wear',.

  3. For me "glossy" is a state of mind more than anything else. Some women are just well groomed they spend time on themselves, manicures, pedicures, weekly blow drys etc. You can get the look with just jeans and t-shirt but don't forget the gold aviators, statement bag and full make-up, it's easy to do but it takes time if you don't have the money for salon visits but if it gets the reaction your friends got from you and hubby, it will be worth it. Toothpaste on spots made me laugh x

  4. It's partly the job, I feel obliged to make a bit more of an effort. It would be rude not to, like working at a salon and never washing your hair. It has made me realise how nice and relaxed working in fitness was, as long as you don't smell, anything goes!

  5. If I'm honest I love "glossy" in all shapes and form. I don't think you have to purchase the most expensive items to look glossy; I think you can look glossy with just a pristine white t'shirt and jeans, but a good quality bag and sunnies maybe? Where I live in Spain women seem to make glossy an art; nearly all my friends go for a blow-dry to the salon 3-4 times a week and a weekly mani and pedi without questioning it ;-)
    I must say I notice the difference in the UK where women/men are more relaxed. Finally thank you so much for your lovely comments over at mine x

  6. Seville is one of the most stylish places I have been to, and I love how there is such a range of 'looks', and glossy indeed, all that fab hair, like being in one long Pantene advert!
    I hope you can build bridges with your sis xx

  7. Love your glossy picks. That dress is gorgeous. I'm much glossier than I was but never as glossy as I'd like to be: I'm always covered in dog hair it seems. Look forward to seeing your spring purchases.

    1. That's a good point not sure you can be truly glossy and love dogs. I'd rather have my furry friends jumping up my legs in greeting than worry about my great (expensive) skirt. My resolution might not last long.

  8. I spent my youth wearing dirty, moth eaten clothes. Leather jackets, jeans, and paddock boots were my uniform. The perfection of youth was all I needed. Now I dress well almost every day, as the tactile pleasure of clean, beautifully tailored clothes makes me feel like every day is an occasion. I never looked like the perfect Stina as a new mom. Better late than never, I guess! Love to have tea when we are in London in April. I am sure you will be the most gorgeous, yet self deprecating creature on he continent!

    1. The offer was very sincere, let me know when in April you are coming and we'll hatch a plan, I will make sure that my teenager is around too, he has exams in May, so getting out will be a rare treat for him!

  9. I myself do not like the glossy trying to hard look one bit. I think its the Aussie in me. I have always liked to aim to look like I am comfortable in my clothes and my look rather than the look wearing me.

  10. As for whitening teeth, I have been told by a lot of people who have had it done that their teeth have become very sensitive after and are never the same again. I don't think I will try that then as I already need to use sensitive toothpaste.


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