Monday, 10 March 2014

Diet Cake!

Here it is, the recipe for the holy grail of cakes, diet, healthful and delicious...
I am not sure what you would call it as it is a cross between a flapjack, scone and a muffin.

The ingredients;
Lentils (the split ones that turn into mush when you cook them, about one and a half cups)
Old fashioned porridge oats (one cup)
2 eggs
couple of handfuls of raisins
one banana
one spoonful of Nutella

Put all the ingredients into a bowl.....

Mix until it is all combined.......
 Roll into balls and put into a baking tray, bake for 25 minutes or so, my oven is broken so I was improvising under the grill, I turned them half-way through cooking using a couple of forks scraping them off the tray,  they will stick, but they easily retain their shape and the bits left over in the pan are the treat for the chef at the end...

I have tried a number of variations, this is the best for completely masking any hint of a lentil taste, the combination of banana and Nutella mean that even the hint of lentil 'nuttiness'is disguised. Plus the texture is completely masked by the banana since you just assume that is what you are eating, so you really can pass this off to kids and husbands as banana and nutella muffins!

These are great for breakfast for slow release energy, or the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea to make tea time a proper, satisfying meal.

Since they are low GI, high thermic (lots of protein that requires a much higher use of its own calories to digest than regular cake or biscuits), they are the perfect snack.


  1. I shall be trying those. I make banana bread so your diet cake recipe sounds rather yummy. I also love anything that gives "chiefs treats" at the end of it. ha ha!!

    1. they were so good that i ate three in one sitting and ended up with rather a windy evening!

  2. They look fantastic. Nothing better than healthy and delicious.

    1. i used the remaining ones as 'one the go' breakfast, they were perfect as not too sweet (except for the one that I smothered in nutella)


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