Saturday, 1 March 2014

Getting the look...

I posted about my latest fashion obsession here
The coat has arrived, it is more purple than pink and I don't know if it shrunk in the wash, or it is my new desk job, but there is NO chance that I can do it up (and it is M & S size 8 which is usually quite generous).

Here is the Jil Sander one that I love....

And this is the ebay jacket with the collar removed and some bits that I picked up at the sample sale (on again next Thursday 6th March at the Music Rooms on South Molton Lane from 10am until 10pm)

 Tabitha Simmons dress, 50 quid (was £495)

Day Birger Mikkelsen silk dress, £30 was £325

Is it worth the effort? I have a feeling that I will always hanker after the real thing.  Are you influenced by looks that you like or do you bite the bullet and if you love them, spend the money?


  1. I really love the coat, and on the first day of march (spring hopefully) its perfect.

    Have a great weekend,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  2. Oh, I wish we could wear clothes that were a bit springy but we are still under ice here. I love your finds. Pinks really suit you! For some pieces, I'm OK with the look. Sometimes, if I really love a specific piece, I'll get it. Otherwise, it's like if you crave chips but don't eat them, you will eat 10 times the calories in crackers, nuts and toast trying to capture that chips crunch. If would have been better to just get the chips in the first place. If I'm thinking about a piece for two weeks or more, I know I need to just get it.

    1. the chips is such a good analogy, it made me laugh and so true!

  3. I love my ebay finds and I enjoy sourcing items to put together a "look" that I like. That way its individual to me and unique.

    1. I think I will be an ebay addict forever, it's just not a habit I can let go.


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