Saturday, 29 March 2014

Herself Magazine...

If you are passing Collette or Selfridges or the Saatchi Gallery you could avail yourself of the latest copy of Herself Magazine.

How to explain what herself is an illustrated fashion magazine, which seems very strange in this digital day and age.  Edited by Lula, her illustration means that she is not confined by the limitations of time and space and her imagination is free to run wild, and what an imagination it is.

In the 'Amazing' Issue is out this week, the Summer beauty pages are edited by the Goddess Aphrodite, with Calgary Avansino and Mary Greenwell playing a supporting role.  Famous works of literature from Jane Eyre to Lolita and the Iliad are brought to life with the latest season's fashion collections and there are interviews with Eleanor of Aquitaine (in Ralph Lauren), Zelda Fitzgerald (in Roberto Cavalli) and Boudicca in Givenchy.

If you are bored of every day magazines, this is something different and magical.

Many wonder if the mysterious Lula really exists, she is easy to find in animated form...

...but trickier to track down in the flesh.  She was there and she is a dead-ringer for her cartoon alter-ego, she is tiny and perfectly proportioned with the biggest eyes I have ever seen.

Lula is clearly a fashion visionary with impeccable taste and a chameleon approach to fashion, if you want to  be surprised and delighted try to get your hands on a copy before they sell out.

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  1. Very cool. I will have to see if I can track down a copy here. I have a girl crush on Calgary Avansino.


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