Friday, 21 March 2014

Pink this week

Apparently pink in all it's hues is the colour of the season, this in mind, I dug out some old and new bits. First the old, Dior dress and Lolita Lempicka long jacket, with new shoes.
And the new, Joseph trousers, boots from mum, ASOS coat (new/old from EBay) and pink Isabel marant silk dress from Liberty (temptingly close to new office)
Pics all higgeldy piggeldy as on iPad....


  1. Is that last picture the coat you had altered that you bought on ebay? If it is it looks amazing. Now you see, pink suits you but I am an "Autumn" with dark green eyes and blond hair and freckles , it would have to be a warm rosy orange pink for me. Love the looks though.

  2. To be honest, stronger pink is better as I have a grey tinge to my skin that needs brightening, but on the hanger this dusty pink is less 'in your face' so more appealing.


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