Friday, 4 April 2014

a couple of outfits this week....

I know it's shallow, but I love the clothes pics on everyone else's blogs, I like to see how they put things together, the rationale and where they are are wearing them to, and so trying to reciprocate here I am going to work....

The first 'look ' if you can call it that is for a fairly laid back office day, with lots of walking.  The bag is one I always assumed to be a fake, but I was thinking about it the other day and now I am wondering.  I was given it by a Chinese supplier with whom my company had spent about £3 million, they had given me fake Rolexes and bits and pieces in the past, so I just kind of assumed it was another knock off.  
The next meeting we had she looked a bit strangely at said bag on the floor and made some comment along the lines of 'Oh shame you scratched your bag'.
Then I was in a designer second hand bag shop in Paris and started chatting to the guy and he offered me 6000 euro for the bag, I laughed and told him if he looked closely he wouldn't want it.  He told me it was the best knock he had ever seen. Putting it all together, along with the big box it came in, I am beginning to wonder if I have been kicking this around for the last 8 years and it might be the real deal.  Isn't it strange the way we assign value, it's the same bag, but now when I am on the bus, I keep it on my lap and not the floor.

The blue trousers are a nod to the ice blue colour that is now apparently very 'in' they are Christian Dior from the 1990s and I really have to 'squeeze' to get into them.  Trainers are cheap and cheerful Everlasts from Sports Direct, who needs New Balance? (err that'll be me)

I know this coat doesn't suit me at all, but I so fell in love with the print on the dress of the Matches ad, and this is the nearest I could get without parting with £1300 (it was about 50 quid). Whatever I put it with, I can't make it 'work' any ideas gratefully received.  However I was determined to wear it so here it is with silk wideleg trousers from Temperley London and a very old thin Donna Karan pink knit.

What are your favourite blog posts, do you like to read in-depth or just the fluffy stuff?


  1. Oh that last outfit is just beautiful, love the trousers.
    The ones I like to read most are the bits and bobs of personal minutae and pics of peoples' lives which are the ones I loathe doing as I really value my privacy, my blog bores me a bit but I'm just too introverted to write the sort of blog I love to read.

    1. Don't u start getting any ideas Tabs!

      That shoulder Birkin is the only Birkin I like and if it were real and in good condition I say you'd get more like 6000£ bc they don't make them anymore...I love that spring coat on you. So cheerful and feminine.

  2. I love looking at what other women wear - it gives me inspiration daily!
    I love the colours of your first work outfit - very nice


  3. I think the suspense would kill me, I would need to find out for certain if the bag was for real. Lovely outfits x

  4. That jacket was £50? It's gorgeous! x

  5. I like Blogs like yours I guess. Blogs with a bit of everything.
    With regards the lovely print coat, what about a pink bodycon dress under it?

  6. I love to see peeks into people lives as well. I have a hard time sharing much of my own as I'm a pretty private person. I'm going to attempt to share a bit more in the future, because really, no one knows who or where I am anyway.

  7. I love the second jacket; the colours are beautiful. And like Donna, I'd definitely want to know if the bag was real - my curiousity would kill me! As for blogs, I like ones that contain prose as well as pictures. I guess, something like this!!

  8. I like that glimpse into people's lives too. Gorgeous wardrobe picks!


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