Thursday, 17 April 2014

A mermaid's tale...

Given the choice between being able to fly or live underwater, I've always fancied becoming a cold-blooded fish that can breath underwater and never feel the chill of Winter days.  I didn't want to be a Disney Princess and couldn't understand Mr Andersen's Little Mermaid's desire to walk on two legs when the freedom of all of this could be hers...

Do you ever dive as deep as you can on a really hot day and watch the rays of the sun through the water?
I've always been a bit obsessed by all things marine, my bathroom has turned into a mermaid grotto...
Complete with Louis style mirror

Giant clam and decorative coral...

A mermaid picture over the bath...

Wouldn't it be great if pictures moved like the ones in Harry Potter, this is the view that I have when I am washing my hair.  I love the idea of the baby mermaid catching the boy (it is a proper oil painting and was only about £30 from ebay)

This is a long-winded way of justifying my splurge on Sergio Rossi Mermaid shoes.  I have always loved them...
But those death-defying heels are an inch or so too high for me, they give me a gait as becoming as Dame Edna and bunions the size of cricket balls.

So joy of joys apparently there is a 7cm heel...

Which I might be able to manage.

All this silliness made me think about the role of fantasy in our lives, with my new job I spend a lot of time with a younger crowd. And there is a tendency towards nihilism and despair that I am not familiar with. Someone sent me a link to a new magazine website that wanted the company to advertise, I was struck by how bleak and depressing it was.  I've noticed amongst the younger bloggers how there is much black and white photography with grey skies, sad faces and androgynous clothes.

Am I alone is seeking my fantasy Zeitgeist? Are you a hard-edged realist or are you for suspending your disbelief and dreaming a little?


  1. I am one of the biggest dreamers you could come across. I always remember my report cards from school saying something like "if she spent as much time studying as she does dreaming she would be a genius!" But hey! there is a lot to be said for day dreaming. It's now been proved that is increases creativity; I'll take that.
    LOVE your mirror. Despite being a Pisces and spending half my time in Spain, I am terrified of the open sea, so mermaid would not have been my career choice ;-)

    1. Your blog is evidence of your propensity for dreaming and it is so beautiful, I love the escapism of blogs that include some magic and fantasy

  2. Hard edged realist with a fertile imagination after two drinks here.

    1. Your posts seem so lighthearted (although every now and then I read one that punches me in the stomach) It's the juxtaposition that makes them so powerful.

  3. Life is so hard and depressing at times, you need to dream a little. For me that escapism is the blog and the dreams of being able to purchase all the lovely things I feature on here. Seriously love your mirror and pictures x Have a lovely Easter xx

    1. I agree, it's the only place where we can truly edit what we want to show so it should have a little escapism x


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