Friday, 2 May 2014

Dressing like a cartoon...

 I had intended post a typical week on the Thermic , Plan but as I sit here in the cold, polishing off a packet of Hobnobs (dark chocolate of course), it feels a little hypocritical.  So instead, here are some clothes.  As per the previous post, I'm only buying 'different' and these looks are a million miles from anything currently in the closet.

Now here is the kicker, this outfit is from Matalan, wear it in the Cowley Centre (it is as glamorous as it sounds, you don't need much imagination, 70s low built concrete shopping centre on the wrong side of town) and everyone knows the shirt was 12 quid from Matalan.  Wear it in the fashion office and of course the assumption is it is from Burberry.  I've always thought it true of diamonds, it's WHERE you wear them that is the indicator of authenticity...

More cartoon colours, I love this frock for the South of France....

And finally what I wore out to do the shopping, perfect comic book fun courtesy of Markus Lupfer who you can buy on for up to 70% off!

Has anyone else gone cartoon crazy or is it just me and my very own trend?!


  1. I love bright colours, just not on me. Matalan? Seriously? Wow, great find x

  2. No, not me Im afraid. I don't get this "mismatched" fashion look.....clueless I am. Maybe in the early eighties I would have probably done it though ( in fact I did do it and more omg ha ha). Love the white/cream skirt and love the black and white skirt too.

  3. You look great and I would of thought Burberry! Amazing style steal Alex and agree that dress is gorgeous for the South of France or any holiday destination!

  4. That dress is fabulous on you! And hobnobs are the best...


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