Monday, 26 May 2014

Muffin top...

The jeans above are Citizens of of humanity, size 28 jeans (10-12) they used to be hidden deep in my 'not for now' clothes as they were slightly on the baggy side, now they are tricky to zip up and I have a muffin top of 3 trimester proportions.  My deportment isn't great, along with greasy hair and specs... but this was the pic that made me realising juicing was a necessity not an option..

The 'Thermic Juicing' worked pretty well for the first 12 hours.

I had my eggs, went to the gym and did two hours of proper exercise, without feeling hungry or tired.
At 11am I scored an Alkaliser (kale, cucumber, mint, parsley juice) not tasty but virtuous and did make my exercise recovery speedier than usual.
At 2pm I had the protein drink and hadn't felt a single pang of hunger
At 3pm I had tea and an apple still feeling great
At 5pm I HIT A BRICK WALL and felt awful, strained, slightly sick, headache, if I had been eating normally I would have thought that I was going down with flu
At 7pm I met a friend in Covent Garden, we had a red wine each and some olives (went to my head but felt human again)
At 8pm Balthazar for dinner with 3 lovely friends, one glass of wine and one steak tartare and green salad later, feeling very happy and at one with the world (I did also give in to two small pieces of bread)

The muffin top 'almost' hiding dress below is from Phillip Lim and was the best I could do for the night out, with Anya Hindmarch bag and sunglasses, yes it really was that warm an evening...

 (picture bombers of furry and non-furry variety)

The day after juicing wasn't a good one, my stomach felt like concrete, I am not sure if it was the protein drink, the steak tartare or a bit of both.
However, it was pretty easy to do, no feelings of 'hunger' until later in the day, went to bed feeling fine and woke up full of energy.
There will be a repeat today, but this time, I am going to have more juices and no red meat in the evening.
We'll see now it goes...


  1. Blogger lost my verbose comment, sigh so...

    1. You did so well on that diet day, I have to have some kind of plated breakfast, lunch dinner, no matter how meagre.

    2. At 8 stone, I still look like that, I have tried everything, no carb, then no gluten, a vegan diet, you name it tried it, the lowest I've been 7st 9* - belly still there even when working with a trainer. But the women in are family are just built that way, I am still trying to accept that.

    *I'm very small and also have a very small frame - imagine what I was like at 12stone!

    3. I applaud you for writing about this sort of subject, I will never write about it again due to the vitriol that came my way, I don't get it, you'd think that people would support a daily struggle which it still is for me, to never slide back into the clinically obese category.

    1. Well I applaud you, honestly I do......To diet every day is willpower indeed. What drives you though. Do you ever binge? Do you feel hungry? If I diet I end up in tears because I feel I have been cruel to myself and abused myself by trying to go without food. I have to say though that my mind is very mixed up due to childhood food issues so find this very interesting. I would like to be slimmer and looking in the mirror often hurts me (although im not huge) but then I have a very disordered view of myself on the whole. I have had a look at your blog and just spent 2 hours (yes 2 hours) going over just some of your posts then looking at Pinterest. You do have a way with words. I shall have to go back later. :)

    2. I never binge but I am hungry a lot, being happy when I look in the mirror and buy clothes drives me.
      I'm 50 now, I won't be able to keep it up for many more years, I'll will enjoy this borrowed slim body whilst I still can, I ended up well over 12 stone. I'm 8 stone now and a size ten.

      I used to look in the mirror and cry, take my clothes off and stay in.

    3. I can't believe that you experienced vitriol over this topic. I think we are just more honest than most. I have been giant nearly 6 ft and 15 stone often made me the biggest person in the room (even at a WWF meeting!) and I have manage with a lot of effort to stay at a comfortable weight. I don't judge anyone else for their size as if people are fit, their comfort zone is exactly that; their own. I will go out on a limb and say that most people who are hovering around a size 10 and are over 40 will be putting a lot of effort into maintaining that, but may be are not so quick to admit it, or so much discipline that they do not notice that they are trying!

      And I remember the staying in very well, as a teenager with laryngitis, my neighbour at a black tie dinner, asked me in all seriousness if I was a man in drag and part of the evening's entertainment.
      I didn't do many more of those parties.

  2. Alexandra, do you not put any weight on your bum, hips, boobs then? When I put weight on it is those areas that it goes first. I have a big bum but have learnt to embrace that after years of thinking it was something grotesque, especially now people pay for a big bum!!! I have a 34E bust go in at the waist and out again at the hips. Hourglass. Very difficult to dress as it doesn't lend itself well to casual. I think you have a shape that is akin to a model and lends itself well to any clothes you put on it. You always look glam even when not trying to. You always look casual and laid back even when dressed up but in a very good way. You look lovely. Will be interesting to see how you lose the weight. Im watching with curiosity.

    1. it's always the middle first and then spreads, so I need to try to nip in the bud now!

  3. It is so hard to lose weight and so easy to put it on, i was a 6 for years but heading for 50 i just couldn't keep it up - it wasn't my natural easy size rather one i worked on a lot and to be honest it was too hard and i was getting way too wrinkly - went up to an 8 - felt and looked much better. Then a 10 came too easy and it was at this point i decided to pull it back and come back down to the 8 and it is really hard to keep it there but i am happier at that size - at 5'7" it is a good healthy weight not that the 10 isn't - it is - i am small framed - but i get that big wadge on my belly which i feel awful with. It is were you are happy you are by no means overweight in the top pic but it is just too easy for it to keep on going up and it is a lot easier to get it off when their is not too much - i add easier not easy! good luck and well done for hanging in there x

    1. You have a body type that looks like you are naturally slim, it is so refreshing when people who are slim are honest and say that they have to work at it. In an age where it's easy to blame 'unlucky genes' it's much better to realise that you can change your stars. I still haven't been through the old albums from my parents house to show the evidence, although to be fair, one of the side effects of being huge, is camera-shyness.

    2. I would love to see those old albums. I would have thought you would have carried the weight well though.

  4. LOL best post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. cramming any posts between 14 hour work days, so they are short and to the point with few spare words!

  5. Oh how I relate to the muffin top! I'd never have the courage to diet or juice knowing I'd last just a day tops. Right now I'm just trying to eat smaller portions, maybe it's not groundbreaking but I find using smaller plates helps me not overeat. I'm also starting to suspect that after having children the muffin top is here to stay (unless you're Elle) and that my metabolism has considerably slowed down. Hope you find what works for you!


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