Saturday, 5 July 2014

Elixir, twins, outfits...

Elle Macpherson is 50, she is thorough-bred perfect, the body, the hair, the face, and apparently it's all down to what is in the bottle above.

Let's worship at the altar of Elle....
 The hair....

The smile....

The fantastic sytling....

And the BODY....
And so what about the elixir?

A friend of mine is a judge on the InStyle beauty awards, so she was sent a jar.

One quick smell and I knew what it was immediately....

Basically it is this....
Dehydrated Barleygrass, £8.99 from Holland and Barratt, or at Amazon etc.
Dehydrated greens (DGs) in all of their varieties are incredibly potent and beneficial.
This is the only part of my 'beauty' regime that I never miss, every morning a least 3 tea spoons mixed with diluted apple juice.
I have been taking them for 10 years and I notice if I stop.

If you read all the online hyperbole, users claim that DGs cure everything from psoriasis to cancer.  I don't think that there is scientific proof of these kind of benefits, but in these days of shrink-wrapped, laser-zapped veg, it is useful to get your vegetable nutrients in one true dose.

I recommend them to everyone that I train with and everyone sticks to them (if not the exercise regime)! One lady had acne problems, that cleared up almost completely (except for when she gets very stressed).  Another lady had been trying to conceive for 3 years and did get pregnant (aged 44).

I can't claim it to be the powder 'what done it', but it does seem that for those who have quite stressful, caffeine-driven lives, vitamin rich, 'alkalising' powder seems to balance things out.

So I can see why Elle is happy to was lyrical about it, but she has commercialised it too far.  It is £96 a jar, which is a shame, as this is a product that could help many people.  Since it does not carry a medical license, it is impossible to advertise the claimed health benefits of dehydrated greens, but most people would feel and look better if they took them.  At £8.99 it is worth a go, for 96 quid, I can understand why people would hesitate!

So if you want to look like Elle, either buy some DGs from Holland and Barratt, or enter the competition and win some gene support supplements from Baranova (read previous post!)....

Yesterday I went to visit my positively blooming pal from Paris with a Bump, we were heading to Carluccios in Hampstead and the weather was 29 degrees.

I tried on my Etoile Isabel Marant dress, vintage Hermes bucket bag and gladiator flats from Matalan.
Miss B turned her back, she did NOT approve...

Although Suki (an interloper from one of our neighbours) DID like the colour scheme A LOT...

In fact she's quite keen on the whole 'selfie' thing...

I plumped for a Miss Guided lace dress (£30)....

and some K Jacques sandals....

In my head, the dress is a dead ringer for this one by Dolce e Gabanna

Paris with a bump is incubating two new little beings and is only about 2 weeks away from being a mum for the first time.  Her bump is so tidy and compact, it's hard to believe that there is one let alone two...
We visited a beautiful boutique next door, it is a British brand that I have never heard of called Charli, lovely separates a bit like the new US label 'Joie', and pretty good prices.
Charli sells other brands like Day Birger Mikkelsen and the like, I found these cute little rose gold plated necklaces and bought a boy and a girl for the 'bump'.

It's so good for the soul to catch up with old friends, Paris with a Bump is updating her blog and has lots of exciting plans including a new mummy bootcamp retreat, more info soon....


  1. Yeah, I have wanted it so badly in the mistaken belief that I will drink it and look like the divine Elle.
    I'm madly in love with Suki and that dress. You are posting up a storm!
    My problem is that I only drink one cup of coffee a day, I don't really like it, and order hot frothy milk when I'm out and I also need more stress, life is too quiet now.

    1. Suki is very cool, she sits outside and cries to get to my two, so we have more or less adopted her.
      If life is quiet, get a dog, they keep you busy! You write so beautifully, there is so much you could be doing, do you WANT to get back on the treadmill or do you value your freedom more?

  2. I like both dresses AND those sandals a lot. It's a great look on you...and love your blog!

    1. thanks for dropping by, I'm not a regular poster, but have had a bit of time recently so had the blogging bug!

  3. My husband takes powdered green stuff every morning, doesn't look like Elle and says they taste vile. Are we still allowed apple juice? I think he just takes in water. As for Elle it has to be all in the genes, I can never get my head round the fact we are the same age but am at least blessed with very thick hair!

    1. Yes your hair is beautiful, apparently when she does shoots hers comes in a plastic bag! Probably a good thing hubs doesn't look like Elle (and you're right I am not sure any pills will make you 6 foot tall with olive skin and a perfect face!)! So funny about juice, it is another banned substance, up there with crack and heroin. The greens are vile, I couldn't do it without something to take the taste away and I'm hoping that the upside outweighs the fruit juice risk!!!

  4. Ooooooo must read up some more about the barley grass. Im into all things alternative. Love Health Food Shops. St. Johns Wort is my tincture of choice though. Like sunshine in a bottle all year round :)
    Love the dress...

    1. I have a vague memory of reading about St John's Wort, isn't it an anti depressive alternative? My hormones are starting to jump around and I am wondering whether people find it helpful approaching the menopause, if anyone knows I would love to hear?

    2. Yes it is used throughout Europe as a very successful alternative to antidepressants. I have used it for the last couple of years and it has definitely helped me to get through peri menopause and the menopause itself. I have been going through it for the last 2 years and apart from no periods I have felt no different. I would take the St. Johns Wort tincture not tablets if you can get it. It works much better. I get mine from Vogel online but they don't have the tincture at the moment as they have run out and are waiting for the September harvest. I am taking the St. Johns Wort tablets at the moment until they have fresh stocks. I wouldn't be without it. Feel free to email me if I can be of any help x

    3. My mum had one helluva time so I am not looking forward to it! I will definitely give this ago, I love that with natural products, you never build up an 'immunity' to their effect, so even if I am not at the most difficult stages, hopefully it will be useful. Thanks for the offer, I will do if I feel like I am losing my mind!

  5. I love both the dresses, very cool and summery. I've jotted down the Barley grass, I need to find out a little more and maybe try it - sounds like something I may need!

    1. It can only do you good, I have never read or heard of any negative side effects, it's basically just a good does of vitamins, but they are still in their natural form, not chemically made.

  6. I am certainly going to try the Barley Grass Powder? Love both your dresses, but my fav is the second one ;-)


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