Monday, 25 August 2014

Pucci in Diagon Alley

A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Taunton at a cricket festival. I managed to sneak out and bought this lovely Pucci skirt from a second hand shop call 'The Birdcage'

The top came from Primark, there are loads of colours and at £5, it has a very nice feeling of silk and cotton, although I guess it is pure polyester.  I'm working on the 'trainers with everything' look, but not successfully, as evidenced here.  This jacket has been kicking around for years, it is from H & M and came in the sale in a 'buy one get one free offer', I think that I paid £14.99 and got another one in brown too.

The weekend in Taunton was lovely and it is true about West Country people being kind and gentle, I haven't felt as 'looked after' for years.

J K Rowling must have visited Taunton for the inspiration for Diagon Alley, there is a secret little hidden away row of shops called Bath Place.  It is almost hidden from view from the main high street...

The sign welcomes you to a shopping curiosity....

 Through the archway you see this....
It stretches for a few hundred metres, all independent shops, with lots of home made food and pretty things...
A little further down I spotted this beautiful mini Georgian house, a little proud, but not large enough to be arrogantly grand....

This is the view over the shops from the balcony (the shop on the right is The Birdcage)...

I couldn't imagine a more idyllic life for a single lady of a certain age than to run a little interior design or home made cake shop and live in this house with a couple of whippets.  If the dream appeals to anyone else the house is for sale here.


  1. I adore Pucci and would love to own a couple of pieces. How gorgeous is the little Georgian house x

  2. I could see a whole parallel life there if things had played out differently. I count myself as lucky with the life that I have, but also try to see other possibilities as who knows what fate has in store?

  3. You mentioned the Bible quote yesterday and I thought about my treasure and of course it is family and home and I think that is what I write about mainly.....I think. ha ha.
    I used to enjoy your posts about exercise, food and helping people lose their weight and get fit? Do you still do that?

    That house is beautiful but a little grand for me. My Mother would love it but I like my cute shabby chic cottage. The skirt looks lovely on you but what is with the trainers? :)

    1. Tee hee not a trainer girl. The quote was basically says that however much you protest, where you spend your most money is where your heart REALLY is, so kids and mortgage aside, I don't want number 3 to be my wardroble! I sold my last car for £400 and used to drive around thinking I could buy two of my lovely reliable little runaround for the same (original) price as the Joseph coat I was wearing, which IS completely bonkers.
      Thinking about it though, I guess number 3 is food, I spend more on my chicken than I do on my clothes!
      I do one stretch class in the local town hall, but now I work in London for half the week so have had to cut back on the personal training and other classes. I really miss it though, exercise people are much nicer than fashion people (shh don't tell anyone!)
      Watch this space though I have invested in a month at a super chichi West London gym and so will be putting it under the microscope, and will be there every minute to get my money's worth!

    2. I do wear trainers in the gym but not with my normal clothes. Am I missing out on something (haha). Well I would have to say that food is my treasure then too. I strongly believe that food is our medicine, in that every thing we eat is creating every new cell. Looking forward to your gym report. :)

  4. Loving the skirt and I like the mix of trainers!

    1. I might come round if they were comfortable, but I bought them online and they are a size too small even with the inner sole removed, so not a convert yet!

  5. Pretty skirt. What a charming village. If I could swap the whippets for a french bulldog and two kids, I'd move there in an instant!

  6. Love the skirt ... I'm not really a trainers kinda' gal though! And oh, that 'proud' Georgian house looks so lovely ...

  7. I luff Pucci with every cell of my being, in fact as I type I'm in a Pucci top sourced on the cheap form Hong Kong 7 years ago.

    I couldn't care less about cars either, mine must be worth maybe $2000 and in this country you cannot buy a decent chicken for under about $20. Scary, but true.


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