Thursday, 14 August 2014

Farewell Matches hello my-wardrobe...

I normally get my kicks fantasy shopping at Matches, last season I loved the pretty florals and girlie looks that they made so beautiful with their flawless photography.

But this season something has changed, is this how fashion works?  I am finding my usual pretty things a bit too twee and the clean lines and ripped jeans of are beckoning.

Is it all of the 'off-duty model' and blogger pics that have finally crept into my psyche and make it ok to wear jeans, a baseball top and converse trainers without looking like I am a professional dog-walker?

It may just be because life is so chaotic I am drawn to the pristine presentation of the garments and the manageable selection of stock, I want ALL of it, I love how everything works with everything else on the site.  And I like the fact that it is committed to what it offers, the emails from some of the other online fashion guys are so varied that it is like they suffer from multiple personality disorder.

This is one story from my-wardrobe that caught my eye, I would wear ANY of it....

Anyone who reads regularly will know that I love Ebay, but I am beginning to see that mixing and matching can be OK (particularly if you are blessed with a better style eye than mine).  But in the main, if EVERY part of the outfit predates 2000, the whole look will be a bit dated.  I invested in a few statement necklaces last year, including a J Crew one (what a waste) they suddenly look clumsy and a bit child-like and plasticky next to the Phoebe Coleman and Aurelie Biedermann pieces.

The Zoe Karssen Tee that I bought in the sale was a a winner (the design shrinks my shoulders and makes me one size smaller on top) so I have updated my own wardrobe with this little beauty.
(I really DID buy this, it wasn't a freebie in return for the post, unfortunately there is so much bribery around it is tricky to work out the real fans from the pros!)

This is me trying a 'look' for a few days.  Interestingly comments were mixed, my friends (mainly female) liked it and could see the difference from my usual attire, but my husband HATED it and said I looked old trying to be young.  This is quite typical though and like most men he resists anything new and out of the ordinary, once he has seen the 'look' a few times, he'll swear he always liked it.

The first outfit is a top from Mother of Pearl (I am not sure if it is ladybirds or eyes with eyelashes, but they sort of bob along when you walk so it is quite unusual.
The jacket is from about 1991 and is a size 18, it is from my bigger days and was bought from Principles, but the whole 80s revival thing makes it current (I think).
The shoes were from Faith, but if you squint they could be Aquazzura.

Number two was for a meeting. The jacket is Chanel (again from about 1994, it never really fitted, but I used to get invited to the end of season sale so I always bought something, even if I couldn't get into it)
The top and glasses are from ZARA and the bag is Tory Burch, which was this season, but when I searched online has sold out, so unusually I have picked a winner! The shoes are Valentino from about 3 years ago and the jeans are from Primark, just landed, boyfriend style and £15 quid!

 Finally the previous Zoe Karssen tee, Paige jeans and old converse (bag, jacket and glasses as before)

PS This is one of those fluffy, effort-free posts as the getting back to blogging was feeling a little overwhelming.  But there will be camera downloads and holiday outfits coming soon, and there are some corkers (and not necessarily in a good way)

PPS If anyone wanted some of the Baranova and you are in the UK, please email me the address to where you would like me to post it and I will send next week.


  1. Its so funny that you are posting about boyfriend jeans. I actually just bought a pair from J. Crew for our trip tomorrow to you know where, and I feel really pretty in them. Packing in the summer is a nightmare for me. Yours look great with the lace top. Its good to see you back on the radar! Perhaps I might drop you an email?

    1. so nice to hear from you! Let's catch up one to one, I have just emailed you xx

  2. I too have purchased some pale roll em up boyfriends (just Gap as I'm not sure how committed I feel to the look) and I've been wearing them a lot. That off duty style is a winner, I think. You have a fabulous wardrobe.

  3. As I am always the last to 'do' a look, I am guessing the the cool crowd will be moving to something different just about now! But my bunions are thankful for no more heels!!

  4. Hi Alexandra, lovely to see you back. Have you bought from Part Two clothing? They tend to do this look soooo very well. Clean lines, masculine tailoring with a feminine edge. I used to sell it in my boutique and have pieces in my wardrobe that date back 5 years. They last and last. My faves are their basic mid thigh (or knee length depending upon your height) long vest tops. I wear one every single day as my first layer.
    Its Autumn here, arrived about 2 weeks ago in North Wales and I am secretly excited. Love that back to school, new fashion feeling.

    1. just checked it out and I love it and the bargains! But I am NOT shopping x

  5. I think you look amazingly cool and stylish - I love the looks!

    1. Thank you, that means much coming from someone who actually does have some style!


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