Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mend and make do...

'What ARE you doing?' says the husband.  'Updating my wardrobe, it's cheaper than shopping'.

'But you are making holes in them?'

The ripped jeans thing is every where at the moment and I am determined not to buy ANOTHER pair of un-needed jeans that is twice the usual price because of the artfully placed rip.

The jeans are quaking in a pile as the victim is to be chosen.  I plump for a pair of Cavalli jeans from H& M, do you remember that collaboration?  They have always left residual colour on my legs, but I wear them seldom enough to forget and wonder if I have reacted in a strange blue/black way to my regular fake tan.

I'm quite pleased with the result but the husband is still shaking his head saying that he has seen people wearing such jeans but they are all under 25.

I'm too slovenly to change handbags and like the Tory Burch as it is raffia and plastic (and was originally £500, the world's gone mad!) However is it nicely lightweight and doesn't make my shoulders ache.  The open toed boots are fairly old from Burberry, but apparently they are 'in', even though they cripple me.

On Thursday we escaped London for a bit of sanity and school uniform sorting out before THE RETURN.

Everything was looking lush and beautiful from the hydrangeas to the lovely flowers, a gift from Cynthia....

To clematis....

To the mad 'cloud bush' that turns one of the parts of the garden into Narnia...

To the blue flowers...(I know nothing, really nothing about gardening and have no idea about any of this stuff)....
The same can be said about random giant vegetables that we found on our regular walk...

 Scientific size comparison, Miss B is smaller than strange giant vegetable (this does not help with genus classification)

I've been reading Susie Soso and love her style, I can't believe that I have missed her, so this outfit it is a total homage, shameless copycat that I am...
The giant vegetable was like nothing I had ever seen, we walked 5 miles carrying it back for lunch.

When we looked it up online, it turned out, that the yummiest edible bits are actually the leaves, so we had been concentrating on the wrong end.

It is a sugar beet, which according to reviews tastes like sweet mud mmm, just what everyone wanted to accompany their burgers....

This is what it looked cooked, you have to boil it and then fry it, I mixed in some broccoli to try to dilute the sweetness. It was moderately successful.

But noone wanted it for supper, so we went to the local chippie, where I saw this sign which is quite interesting...

Did you know fish and chips are about the healthiest food you can eat?!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Love your white top!! I am also delighted to find out that fish and chips are healthy:)Have a good week:)

    1. me too, I always thought they were so naughty that any more than once a month was a treat, but we'll do weekly now!!

  2. I love Psygod a sglodion (Welsh for fish and chips). Lovely meal.

    1. Those US fast food chain chips will never compare with a proper chippie.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the flowers. Hopefully as much as we loved visiting!


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