Saturday, 18 October 2014

Last weekend...

Unusually we had two parties consecutively, what was lovely was that they were both old friends of around 20 years.  So there was none of what I call 'Competitive extensions', you  know the sort of party small talk where the person that you meet wants to make sure that you understand how successful they are, how brilliant their children are, that they have a bigger house and car and take better holidays.  Faced with a conversation going in this direction I tend to come straight out with the fact that I live in a one bedroom cottage and buy everything I own from Ebay, at this point, the 'Competitive extensions' will either relax and be quite good fun or make their excuses and find a more worthy opponent.

With old friends it's different, we know each other so well, we've all gone in completely different directions and share the thick and the thin.  We pray for each other in the bad times and are genuinely pleased for old friends when things go well and lady luck has been kind.

For the first night I wore a silk Paul Smith dress with 'nearly' rockstuds in black and an Anya Hindmarch clutch.

It was quite an adventure to find as the venue was in the depths of Battersea Park with no road access..

There was something quite Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe about seeking out our destination...

And when we saw it, it was beautiful...

The weather was so mild that we had drinks outside in October!

The next night was another lovely evening, this time in Wandsworth...
A close up of the new hair, that could def do with a tidy up, it's better held back in clips to disguise the uneven bits...

The lace jumpsuit was a rare success from China, really nice quality lace and long enough in the body to fit, but an XXL! I plumped for the jumpsuit as felt a bit frumpy the night before and jumpsuits were plentiful. It's been so long since we have been to a party that I have lost track of 'what to wear'.
Another pair of nearly rockstuds, this time in nude and black, they look quite similar to the real thing in the pics, but in the flesh are very different both in shape and colour. Topped it off with a ByMalene Birger coat.

Being with old friends is my safe place.

Mr B found has found his safe place too....


  1. So true re old friends except they also know the stupid things you've done!!! Your arms are very inspirational and making me reconsider the gym...

  2. Your hair and arms - wolf whistle! You must give me the link again to the Chinese tailors o' merit!
    The place you went to looks beautiful in that light.
    Email me re deets for meet up...

  3. I know how you feel about the sizing in China. I'm a size large there and a small over here!

    And Mr B - fabulous.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Lets see your hair loose then :)

  5. My friend got married at that amazing venue in Battersea Park - it's truly magical.
    I love both your outfits but the jumpsuit with coat is a total winner - stunning!

  6. I'm seconding Fiona ... love both outfits but the second is just divine. And like you, I adore meeting up with old friends; always makes for a fabulous night.

  7. Smashing jumpsuit. And what a beautiful location. Love the pup. So relaxed.

  8. You look utterly fab and boy does that party destination look enticing!

  9. Have you changed your format?

  10. Argggggg! Its probably just me but its so very complicated. Sorry.

  11. Glad to see its not just me that is having trouble with your blog Alex. Not sure if its new or something has gone wrong but I am finding it very difficult to negotiate. Could be just me though x


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