Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Making Spring garlands....

The cottage looks a little bare now that all the Christmas decorations have gone, today the sun came out and Spring didn't seem so far away.  This is one of my favourite Pinterest pictures and I wondered if I could make something similar from a coat-hanger.  The wire ones get caught inside all of the others in the wardrobe so I always throw them away, which feels a bit wasteful.

All the bits and pieces....
 One bent coathanger....
 covered in ivy, ordinarily I would have just stopped here, but Spring was the theme of the day...
 I added some old silk roses, which will be replaced with real ones when I get out of the village 
(it's been a while)

To go with the long sprigs of rosemary, I harvested another variety
still going strong in the depths of winter...

The scent of rosemary and thyme is quite powerful...
 It's passable for a first attempt.  I need a ton of roses to make it really work, but since all it cost to make is a coathanger

And Spring suddenly doesn't seem to far away.


  1. I am feeling very domestic do I might try this in spring!

    1. Do you have the cold too? It is horrible, except it does give the urge to nest!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm thinking 'could do better' but it's a start, I am planning to do bigger and better ones in the Spring when I can get my hands on free foliage and flowers.

  3. What a great idea! Very pretty.

  4. everything is so grey at the moment, I need something pretty!

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